Managing Performance Anxiety In Teens (Los Gatos Teen Therapy)

We were proud to participate in Los Gatos Teen Therapy’s blog series 31 Days To A Better Life With Your Teen, bringing together 31 teen and family experts including educators, therapists, doctors, and others.

The blog series discusses behavior management and boundary setting, identifying and treating eating disorders, depression and self-harm, recognizing and addressing drug use, monitoring and preventing cyberbullying, improving family wellness and engagement, and many more topics.

Dr. Lazarus’ contribution was an article on managing performance anxiety in teens through the use of medical hypnosis.

Read the full article at their blog here:

Managing Performance Anxiety In Teens



When it comes to performance anxiety – whether for public speaking, tests, sports events, or dance / musical recitals – few are truly immune from its stomach-churning, sweaty-palm-making effects.

The good news is that help is available and it doesn’t have to involve medication. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and clinical hypnosis are both highly effective yet simple skills that empower teens to gain control over and conquer life’s many challenges. The best results occur when CBT and hypnosis are used together.


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