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Dr. Lazarus

Jeffrey E. Lazarus, MD

Medical Hypnosis

Specializing in Children, Adolescents and Young Adults.

Test Taking

Do you ever get nervous before an exam?  You’ve studied for it, you know the material, you’ve done well on the homework problems, and, then, come test time, you freeze.

Test Anxiety Statistics:
Cizek and Burg (2006) found that test anxiety affects up to 40% of students.  Bradley et al (2010) found that 61% of students are affected by this at least some of the time, and 26% almost always!

Medical hypnosis can be extremely effective in helping students take tests even more confidently. Dr. Lazarus also incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques when he sees patients with any type of anxiety. CBT has been shown to be extremely effective for anxiety of all sorts, and Dr. Lazarus has found that by using a combination of medical hypnosis and CBT, his patients not only learn some extremely powerful tools, but they also have significant improvement after only 1 to 3 visits.

Click here to watch Dr. Lazarus’ interview with an Olympic Silver Medalist. Her advice is universal and can be applied to people who are struggling with test taking anxiety.