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Dr. Lazarus

Jeffrey E. Lazarus, MD

Medical Hypnosis

Specializing in Children, Adolescents and Young Adults.


Pain Is Pain; Suffering Is Optional

Pain management is any treatment designed to reduce pain and help the patient achieve a reasonable quality of life and ability to function. Often, though, with chronic conditions, doctors tell patients that they must live with their pain.

When traditional pain management techniques fail to control pain, medical hypnosis can be helpful. It also can help relieve the insomnia that often accompanies chronic pain.

No side effects

Traditional pain medication can cause:

•    sleepiness
•    “fuzzy” thinking
•    abdominal pain
•    constipation

Medical hypnosis, on the other hand, has no side effects. Plus, it is extremely empowering and allows patients to take control over a situation that they previously thought was beyond their control.

Of all the things for which medical hypnosis is well-known to treat, pain has been studied the most extensively.  Medical hypnosis is an extremely powerful tool that often allows patients to decrease and even discontinue their pain medications.