Performance Anxiety

“Gen Rx”

We have all heard the terms Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z, and our current younger generation, Gen Alpha. And I would like to introduce you to the term, Gen Rx, or, more accurately, Generations Rx.  Note the

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Hypnosis for You: Now and Later

“Rather than take a temporary pill, self-hypnosis provides a life-time skill.” This reminds me of a wonderful article, The Long-Term Follow-Up of Self-Hypnosis Training for Recurrent Headaches: What the Children Say, by Daniel Kohen, MD.* In this article, Dr. Kohen described

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Creating Positive Expectations

Which is better? The carrot or the stick? Is it better to criticize someone or to try to help build them up? When working with people of any age, we always want to be positive. Here are a couple of

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